Committed to seeking client-centered inner guidance, Feather’s techniques reveal paths for expanding your state of consciousness. Leading you toward self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation, naturally, without psychedelic mind-altering drugs.

Tending Your
Inner Guide

“Whoever travels without a guide needs two hundred years for a two-day journey.” RUMI 

Experience Your Inner Pathways for
Personal transformation

Feather Wind Wisdom weaves modern neuroscience with healing insights of countless clans, tribes, and nations of indigenous people, throughout Mother Earth. Sacred visions, dreams, prayers, songs, wisdom, experience, and kind guidance form the foundation and living reality of the transformative process Feather offers you.

“A wonderful thing occurs when you reach your deepest wound and, at the same time, find the courage not to defend against the intense feelings that are aroused by reaching it. Then grace comes with a healing touch of love and divine generosity. Then the layer of ego containing the inner child feels that he or she is being loved all the time...
You are valued.”

Physicians of the Heart, by Wali ali Meyer, Bilal Hyde, Faisal Muqaddam & Shabda Kahn


Feather envisions manifesting resilient health, free from emotional suffering. With Feather Wind Wisdom you unpack, and leave behind, emotional baggage from your past. Quickly you become free to manifest the life you most desire. Emotional alchemy is at your fingertips.

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This Brief Interactive LIVE Introduction to Feather Wind Wisdom shows you how to access to Your Brain’s natural pharmacy; a balm for calm.

Supporting your content and delivery, Feather brings calm focus as a seasoned and adept facilitator, to any online event, conference, training, summit or retreat. 

Feather creates an expanded state of consciousness with you...

By generating delta waves, gentle guidance elevates your brain’s access to inner resources. Your natural pharmacy of neurochemicals is surprisingly accessible, without the use of psychoactive entheogens or psychedelics. 



Feather brings an intuitive blend of modalities gleaned from her personal journey. Each session is uniquely woven with her client focused listening, coaching, and neuroscience informed skills. Feather’s command of powerful, brief, and effective neurochemical alchemy rapidly dissolves suffering.


Dedicated to expanding life-long learning, Feather Windwalker is a human evolution visionary, curious about individual potential for growing edges. As a survivor herself she brings compassionate witness to self-discovery. After a lifetime of transcending adverse experiences, Feather is adept at liberating herself and her clients from intrusive and life-limiting thoughts, moods, and behaviors. Harnessing drug-free delta wave techniques Feather has accessed her own inner physician to evolve on her healing path, Feather Wind Wisdom.

“…I didn’t invent these techniques, I discovered how healing touch works. For eons healers have applied touch, sometimes using feathers….” Dr. Ronald Ruden, Havening Techniques® Founder, April 2018 Training.